Sunday, November 21, 2010


Hello everyone, this is xtw409, and I am here to share my interests, thoughts, and possibly a little wisdom (who am I kidding). While browsing the internet, I stumble across quite a few interesting tidbits of technology, code, and random information that I like to share. Rather then tell you what I plan on doing, I'm gonna go ahead and start doing it! Here are two things that I received in an email from a friend of mine. One is a video showing a particularly amusing bike lock, the other a website about dream journals. Here you all go!

Mortal Mist - Dream journals, lucid dreaming, etcetera -
Awesome bike lock -


  1. Hello, and welcome to blogging! :)
    Ill follow and support you for upcomming posts.

  2. Why thank you very much! I will do the same to the best of my ability